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Kenyan-Polish Forum announced the start of a campaign called "Alliance of the Willing", which main goal is to support Kenyan government, public and privet organizations as well as individual companies in promoting Kenya in Poland.

Today's low value of bilateral trade ($10mln) and low volumes of Polish tourists (only 2,000 visitors a year) stem from a poor knowledge of Kenya in Poland. According to a recently conducted professional market research by GfK, Kenya remains relatively unknown in Poland (only every third respondent associate it correctly with African country; while one out of 8 people could not say anything about Kenya).

To counteract this situation, Forum has designed a comprehensive programme to Market Kenya in Poland and is inviting diverse organizations, associations and companies to join the "Alliance of the Willing". Thanks to its NGO status, KPF obtained significant discounts allowing for very cost-effective Marketing of Kenya in Poland. However, to make this campaign a real success, we need support from companies and organizations, which share our goals. To achieve this, we decided to start the campaign "Alliance of the Willing" and invite all those who would be interested in promoting Kenya in Poland and vice versa.

For more information about the campaign "Alliance of the Willing" please click HERE

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