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Kenyan-Polish Forum announced the start of a campaign called "Alliance of the Willing", which main goal is to support Kenyan government, public and privet organizations as well as individual companies in promoting Kenya in Poland.

Today's low value of bilateral trade ($10mln) and low volumes of Polish tourists (only 2,000 visitors a year) stem from a poor knowledge of Kenya in Poland. According to a recently conducted professional market research by GfK, Kenya remains relatively unknown in Poland (only every third respondent associate it correctly with African country; while one out of 8 people could not say anything about Kenya).

To counteract this situation, Forum has designed a comprehensive programme to Market Kenya in Poland and is inviting diverse organizations, associations and companies to join the "Alliance of the Willing". Thanks to its NGO status, KPF obtained significant discounts allowing for very cost-effective Marketing of Kenya in Poland. However, to make this campaign a real success, we need support from companies and organizations, which share our goals. To achieve this, we decided to start the campaign "Alliance of the Willing" and invite all those who would be interested in promoting Kenya in Poland and vice versa.

We in the Kenyan-Polish Forum (KPF) have set ourselves the following objectives:
- to assist businessmen in growing the value of mutual trade to USD 100 mln by 2007
- to assist the Kenyan tourism industry in attracting 20,000 tourists from Poland by 2007

We recognize that Kenya is still a relatively poor economy with very limited budgets for marketing itself externally. The idea behind "the Alliance" is that if many Kenyan companies and institutions each contributes a small amount, the resultant aggregate amount - if well targeted and coordinated - can make a visible impact.

All the companies/institutions will stand to benefit from Kenya´s improved image in Poland - an important new gateway to the enlarged EU. Members of the "Alliance" will have also made a contribution to Kenya´s general development and will benefit directly from increased numbers of Polish tourists and/or from increased volumes of bilateral trade.

Consistent with MSK´s Brand Kenya Initiative, we want to market Kenya as an alluring tourist destination, as an open, dynamic country with investment potential, as an ecologically-friendly agricultural producer and as a free, independent, democratic African country with a respected heritage.

Our Marketing Kenya programme consists of the following components:

1. Billboards advertising ­ 2,000 full-sized billboards all around Poland
2. 100,000 copies of "Passport to Kenya" booklets to be distributed at all events of the 2nd Kenyan Week (September 16-27, 2005) as well as on the direct charter flights due to start in January 2006
3. Organizing 36-40 "Win a trip to Kenya" competitions
4. "2nd Kenya Week in Poland" (Sept 16-27, 2005):
- participation of Kenyan runners at the Warsaw Marathon
- investment conference
- Kenya solo country trade exhibition
- Kenyan Food Week
- Kenya Cultural Weekend
- curio village
- photo exhibitions
- Kenyan Week in the Polish media, etc
5. 2nd Kenya Participation at TT Warsaw (a tourism trade fair)
6. Wangari Maathai/Lech Walesa meeting - a debate is planned between the two Nobel Peace Prize laureates on democracy, development, environment and sustainability.
7. "Karibu Kenya" 2006 Package for Poles. During only 2006 Poles should receive discounted park entry fees, reduced visa fees, rebates for incentive groups and the Polish charter airlines discounts on landing and navigational charges as well as airport passenger taxes to entice them to visit Kenya in large numbers.
8. Warsaw Zoo project - initially to start with a permanent photo exhibition, regular lectures and an exhibition on Kenya´s wildlife conservancy efforts by KWS. In 2007, the project will lead to the construction of a permanent mini-Bomas of Kenya with Luo, Giriama, Masaai and Kikuyu, etc. huts in the "Kingdom of Simba" part of the Warsaw Zoo grounds.
9. Give-aways and sampling - we would like Kenyan tea, coffee, cashew nuts, etc to be served at the different events (2nd Kenyan Week, Warsaw Zoo, Warsaw Marathon, etc).
10. Demand-side market studies - to better understand the Polish market structure and opportunities, professional studies should be commissioned to facilitate market entry.
11. Investment opportunities study - the aim of this study would be to identify Kenya´s priority areas for investment as well as Poland´s key strengths so as to find the best potential matches. The study should also produce a Polish-language "Investments in Kenya" brochure tailored to Polish requirements
12. Articles on Kenya - KPF has already developed a strong network of contacts within the Polish press (both general but also specialist trade and tourism industry publications). This network will be leveraged to place articles on Kenya´s attractions (tourist, cultural, but also trade and investment).
13. Free advertising space - newspapers, airline in-flight magazines, specialist media, etc. will be approached to donate some free advertising space to promote Kenya in Poland, to promote Poland in Kenya, and to promote the various initiatives undertaken by the Kenyan-Polish Forum.

Details of the joining the "Allience of the Willing" you will find in the presentation below

Alliance of the Willing - ppt presentation

Image of Kenya - research by GfK


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