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On 16th September 2015 there took place the general meeting of the Kenyan-Polish Forum. Though we were not numerous, we decided to continue. Since we did not have quorum, shortly after the first meeting – when quorum is required – we arranged an another one when there is no quorum requirement. We accepted the following agenda:

1) Introduction,
2) Discussion on the board election,
3) Analyzing our activities and financial reports
4) KRS issues,
5) Plans for next years,
6) Cooperation with the KIPA.

Ad. 1. All the people were acquainted with the statutory requirements for the meeting.

Ad. 2. As explained above, since we did not have quorum we needed to arrange the second meeting. Thus pt (2) was postponed and implemented at the very end. It was a reasonable solution since it could be done after the discussion about our activities and financial condition.

Ad. 3 The activities were discussed briefly. Let us sum up shortly what has happened. The strongest part of our activities was cultural education and counteracting racism and prejudice. We visit several schools, present our educational material and explain several cultural differences between Poland and Kenya. We also acquaint our listeners with history and geographical richness. We do not create any ‘Potiomkin villages’ – we show Kibera and the way how people used to live traditionally. Since our listeners are mostly children, we also present how Kenyans schools and children’s everyday life used to look like. However, we do not ever stun them too much with poverty and underdevelopment. We present the modern image of Kenya with modern buildings and modern life. We took part in several projects that were implemented together with Staromiejski Dom Kultury. Within their frames there were two books printed: the former concerning tales and the latter concerning myths in Kenya / Africa. We cooperated with media – we helped some journalists who were elaborating their materials about Kenya and needed our help. There were also several researches whom we supported. Apart from that we continue our cooperation with the Warsaw University. We became a partner of the Days of Africa Festival that takes place on spring. Within its frames I presented the life and achievements of Wangari Maathai. Still there is a large number of tourists who ask us about Kenya. They would like to get informed about visas, vaccinations, safety etc. Since there is no Kenyan embassy in Poland, we stand as a substitution for it. We also kept helping the diaspora. Many Kenyans face problems contacting Polish governmental offices where nobody speaks any other language than Polish. As usual, in such cases they ask us for help and – as usual – we are very glad being able to support them. There was not very much that happened in the matter of business. There were very enquiries from the Polish companies and none from their Kenyan counterparts. We are in contact with the organizers of the tourist fair that takes place on spring in Wrocław. They liked our presentation on Kenya that took place on April 2013. They invited us to arrange something more but we have no money to cover any costs in this project (printing leaflets and materials, organizing any attractions or artistic performances). However it is possible to do something with them in future. We presented our financial reports from previous years.

4) After the discussion our board managed to choose their titles: James as chairman, Michał as secretary and Thomas as treasurer. The changes were sent to KRS over two months ago.

5) The participants were acquainted with our plans for the next year. We continue our projects that are implemented in cooperation with SDK and with schools. We also spoke about many formal problems that the Kenyans used to face when coming to Poland. There was proposed to arrange meetings that would let the participants get involved in our projects in a larger extent. One of the most important conclusions that were made during the meeting concerned arranging a KPF meeting. Sławek stressed that the very first meeting that took place in 2004 on Pole Mokotowskie attracted a large interest among Kenyans. It made them also be very active afterwards. This made us discuss organizing a new meeting that would take place in May 2016. The venue would be the same – Warszawa, Pole Mokotowskie, near Pub Lolek. Everybody would bring his own food, we would not need to pay for anything. Since Kenyans loved the event then, they will probably come once againg in 2016. Why not?

6) We are going to arrange the meeting with the Kenyans in Poland Association to discuss the possible cooperation.

7) We decided that the board and the audit committee remain as they have been so far.

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