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Last Friday, within the frames of the “Days of Africa” festival we arranged a meeting concerning women in Africa. During the meeting there were held three lectures presenting interesting African women. Two of them were musicians (from Senegal and Ethiopia) while an another was “our” Kenyan Wangari Maathai.

Some of numerouse people who came were those who also listened to our lectures last year. After the meeting we discussed in our group of organizers and the possible ways of widening this project since we are convinced that we should let the Polish people listen to more such lectures. During the meeting we had less than an hour for the lecture about Wangari but we think that we should present the important Kenyans and their attitudes during longer meetings. We are going to arrange one such meeting for only one long lecture. We all agreed that the Polish people speak much about African animals, curios and landscapes but they are not aware that there were also many people, leaders and heroes that are worth being presented. We agreed to present Wangari Maathai once again – this time during a long lecture but it has been also suggested to present - for instance - Jomo Kenyatta. All in all, he was a “Kenyan Wałęsa”! More details about it will be presented in future!

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