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Brian Scott about Kenyans in Polanda

On 17-19 March a TVP3 staff from Cracow visited Warsaw in order to realize a reportage about Kenyans living in Poland within the confines of the series 'Etniczne Kilmaty' (Ethnical Climates).

'Etniczne Klimaty' program, devoted to the ethnical minorities, has been presented in a local TVP3 station since two years. The program's main topic is a reportage, run by the famous journalist Brian Scott, who shows to the viewer not only the daily life of the minorities, but also their culture, religions, traditions and languages.

The heroes of the last program, directed by Waldemar Janda, became an active and creative Kenyans, who had been living in Poland for quite a long time and cooperating with them Polish Kenya Fans. The mentioned reportage described i.a the KPF and Simba Friends Foundation broad activity. It also showed the daily life of the families with Kenyan roots.

KPF accompanied TVP3 staff, having helped them establish a contact with Kenyans and delivered the fresh ideas for the program.

The mentioned above program was screened on 9 April 2006 at 10:45 in the local TVP3 station.

In order to get a specified information about 'Etniczne Klimaty' series, you are kindly requested to visit a website:

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