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Our organization has covered with its patronage a very interesting initiative by 'BabieLoty' association. Its first and crucial stage will consist of a research – between 22th June until the end of August five women will explore the western and southern parts of Kenya searching… WOMEN… women stories, pictures presenting their lives and culture which does not exist until the men are around. The researches intend to seize the moment when women stay alone presenting their true nature, when they become unimpeded and think independently.

How has this idea been arisen? As the organizers say: "We are women and are interested in this fact. We are going to discover what can be the basis for our women understanding with female Kenyans, how we will consider each other, what will surprise us, interest, and what will rise scare. Our idea is to meet, launch conctact, commune with Kenyan women and also learn… how to be a woman. We start our colourful but also exacting travel because we would like to discover what difficulties and facilitations can result from our sex during such expedition. What externeal and what internal barriers we will need to face and what own deficiencies we will need to brake. We will check the extent how patterns that we - as women - have in our minds impede travelling, getting to know the world, developing own passions and dreams. Let the travel experience become our teacher!."

Why do they implement such project? They want to share their discoveries with other women, inspire them to fulfill their passions, trust in their desires, even if granting them can seem difficult. How the Polish researches intend to implement their initiative? Within the second stage they will share their impressions and observations gained during the research and will show what lesson they brought from there. They will pass their experiences through eg. picture exhibition during the IV edition of the Large Travel – the event which is organized by 'Żyć z Pompą' foundation. The researches invite for their location-based game connected with interactive presentation of materials brought from the expedition, meetings in a wide or narrow circle as well as their stories, stories, stories… Within the 'Od teraz' Process-Oriented Psychology Centre they will run their workshops for women, inspired by their meetings with Kenyan women and experiences brought from there.

We will inform you on the progress of this project while currently we would like to wish our researchers bahati njema! :)

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