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Between 21st October 2011 and 30th April 2012 the Jacek Malczewski Museum in Radom will present an exhibition titled as "Mysteries of the Black Land" which will be patronized by the first African member of Polish Parliament, John Godson. The exhibition has been inspired by a popular Henryk Sienkiewicz novel titled "In Desert and Wilderness" and is divided onto 4 parts where each is dedicated to a country which was passed by the novel's main characters Staś and Nel: Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya. There will be presented more than 1000 ethnographic exhibits (!) and 120 that concern African fauna.

Part 1 - EGYPT
Within this part there is presented a female saddle - the one which could be used by Nel. There is also presented a whole camels caravan with its saddles, equipment and decoration. You can find there also a Bedouin tent and many artefacts of the Muslim culture. Each visitor will be given a chance to see infuse coffee roasters and tribal clothes. There is also presented a history of building a Suez Canal.

Part 2 - SUDAN
Within the Sudanese part we can see ex. "sleep supporters" (wooden neck bolsters) or Sudanese weapons - over 100 exhibits: swords, spears, knives, quivers, bows. A list of the most interesting items could include eg. tools of rainmakers or chief attributes of Azande and Fur tribes. Mr Bogdan Żurawski lent the museum his collection of 400 exibits of the Rashaida tribe jewellery and you can also admire there Nubian tribal clothes or things of ebveryday usage like dishes, spindles or sandals. There has been presented also a Mahdian insurgent with his original sword.

The foreground is left for attributes of the Ethiopian church - many crosses of various kinds and types but also clothes like eg. the Hamer tribal goat clothes with small hooves. Beside of it there are presented the labial 'padlocks' of the Mursis, kauri shells and sheats for swords which were made of small crocodiles leather.

Part 4 - KENYA
Within the Kenyan part there has been reconstructed a Masai manyatta while around it you can find traps for birds and rats, shields and jewellery. At the middle there is presented a model of baoabab with its original fruits. There are also exhibits of the Kikuyus as well as several other tribes (shaman masks, jewellery, instruments, flails and other agricultural tools - among them also the ones which were made of hippo's teeth. There has been created a gate like the one in Mombasa, made of elephant tusks but you can also find there leathers of cheetahs, leopards, crocodiles and many birds.

The exhibition opening will be arranged on next Friday at 5 pm. What also sounds interesting is the concert by a Kenyan band named Karibu. We invite you cordially!

Venue: The J. Malczewski Museum, Radom, Rynek 11
Time of opening: 21.10.2011, 5 pm
Contact: Mrs. Ilona Pulnar-Ferdjani, 608-631-480, ask by e-mail
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