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On behalf of the 'Afryka Inaczej' foundation we invite you for the next edition of the yearly film festival titled as "Afro-America". The event started on 1st April. Let us encourage you to check what will happen during the festival:

10th April (Sunday), 8:30 pm: The Girl from Chicago, dir. Oscar Micheaux, USA 1932 (duration: 70' minutes)
11th April (Monday), 8:30 pm: God's Step Children, dir. Oscar Micheaux, USA 1938 (105')
12th April (Tuesday), 7:00 pm: Lying Lips, dir. Oscar Micheaux, USA 1939 (60')
13th April (Wednesday), 8:00 pm: Song of Freedom, dir. J. Elder Wills, Great Britain 1936 (80')
17th April (Sunday), 6:00 pm: A Raisin in the Sun, dir. Daniel Petrie, USA 1961 (128')
28th April (Thursday), 8:30 pm: Cotton Comes to Harlem, dir. Ossie Davies, USA 1970 (97')
30th April (Saturday), 6:30 pm: Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song, dir. Malvin Van Peebles, USA 1971 (97')
30th April (Saturday), 8:30 pm: Super Fly, dir. Goldon Parks Jr., USA 1972 (93')

Venue: KINO.LAB - Warsaw, Modern Art Centre, Zamek Ujazdowski, Jazdów Str. 2
Admission: free

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