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Dear tourists! Since 1th January 2011 Kenya restored its 50 USD fee for a simple entry visa which is valid 3 months. Let us remind you that the mentioned fee was in force until the end of 2008, when it was reduced to 25 USD. Many tourists used this excellent opportunity to visit the magical country for a reduced fee. Who did not use it should... regret and visit Kenya paying the current fee, which has only been equalized to the fees which are in force in neighbour countries. Other visa fees in Kenya will be: multiple entry - 100 USD, transit - 20 USD. Please note that the payment should be made with banknotes, which were issued not earlier than in 2000.

Information for travel agencies
Answering numerous enquiries from travel agencies we hereby present a full list of countries, which are subject to different visa procedures than Poland, i.e. their citizens need to get a visa BEFORE they come to Kenya: Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cameroon, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Lebanon, Mali, Nigeria (residing outside Nigeria), North Korea, Senegal, Somali, Syria, Tadjikistan and stateless persons.

Citizens of the EAC countries do not need visa at all.

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