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Our organization has been invited by a group of students from the Warsaw School of Economics to take part in a series of presentations of documentary films concerning various quarters of the globe. On Thursday, 25th, there was preasented a film titled as ‘War Child’. It tells the story of a boy - named Emmanuel Jal - from Bahr-al-Ghazal province in Southern Sudan. After the outbreak of a civil war he was forced to leave his mother village and joined the SPLA armies. He got to Ethiopian camp in Bor and then to a well known Kenyan camp for refugees from Southern Sudan located in Kakuma. Afterwards he managed to leave to USA. Currently he sings his hip-hop songs where he tells his story. From one hand this is his way of creating art while from another – he confessed that he is not able just to speak about all things which occurred to him and his family (mother killed, sister raped three times). When the war was over he decided to visit his mother land, meet his father and neighbours, but also help other boys, who currently depend on external aid – as he did once. He intends to establish school in his village and helps many boys financially.

After the film there was time for discussion where two KPF representatives (Jimmy and Bartek) stood as experts. People queried about music in general (what does it bring to Kenyans), the way how it is influenced by western culture and the way how it can express private feelings. People wanted also to find out more about education, the perspectives before young people, the role that NGOs play in the educational process, but there were also enquiries on our activities in Kenya and what it makes Kenyans to act together in Poland.

We would like to thank the organizers for their invitation and hope to cooperate in future!

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