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On the 16th of September 2010, the ninth floor of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) premises was transformed into a piece of African Land. The conference halls were filled with scents of spices, sounds of African ethnic rhythms and wild animals staring from presentations of impressive photographs. Many travellers, guests from several parts of Africa and Africa lovers, who work with non-governmental organizations were in attendance. All this would not have been possible if it where not for the charity event “Global Children Africa” organized by volunteers from our company who acted within the frames of projects run by PricewaterhouseCoopers Foundation „Give a part of yourself”.

The aim of the event was to familiarize children and teenagers belonging to our fellow organizations – Powiśle Community Foundation and Socio-therapeutic Centre, Wilga – with the natural richness and cultural diversity of Africa. We wanted to approach problems that affect the continent and testify to the fact that it is worthwhile taking an interest in the world around us and being open-minded about another people. The event was also addressed to PwC employees, who were able to participate together with their children, test their knowledge about Africa and win exciting prizes in specially prepared quizzes or just visit the 9th floor for a moment to get the feel and taste of an African adventure.

Through conversation with representatives of the organizations, participants where made aware of the different ways in which they could assist the poor in Africa. All participants of this unique event had the chance to watch multimedia reports of excursions by Domik Szmajda and Łukasz Wierzbicki. My Baobab Foundation and Kenyan-Polish Forum showed presentations on culture, customs, nature and education in Africa. The projection of the documentary film titled “You deserve to know”, photograph exhibition by Gonia Zduńczyk, cooking and tasting of the Kenyan regional cuisine show and videoconferences with the Salesian centre in Zambia and Sega village in Kenya were meet with great interest. A part of this event was charity-hosted by Omena Mensah. Our youngest guests enjoyed most, the trying on of Masai attire – a game made accessible by Simba Friends Foundation, stories by Fr. Ashenafi and a multimedia excursion about the footsteps of Kazik Nowak - a traveler who was the first in the world to travel through Africa by bicycle and at a time when the continent was still largely unexplored and mysterious.

Trying on Masai clothes:

Cooking show in swahili translated to Polish:

African curios – presented by “Solidarity with the Poor of the Third-World Movement” – Maitri in the background (photographs by M. Zduńczyk):

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