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We are pleased to invite you to the photo exhibition by Gonia Zduńczyk which is titled as „Kibera - they call it a slum, we call it a home”. The exhibition - run under the official patronage of UNIC and Polish-East Africa Economic Foundation - is associated with the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty which was enacted by the General Assembly of UN in 1992. The presentation breaks stereotypes in way of considering the slums and their inhabitants. It stresses pride, hope, joy and all the positive changes which have taken place in Kibera.

Kibera - the slums located in Nairobi - is currently one of the largest informal estates in Africa. The original name „Kibra” came from the Nubian language where it means „forest”. The Nubians - people who established a settlement in Kibera - came from Southern Sudan after having been conscripted into the British army during the First World War. Currently the estate is inhabited by all 42 tribes of Kenya.

The author has been a photographer by birth and an Africa lover. She started learning photography from her parents who had been working in this domain for dozens of years. Afterwards she practiced photography in the Association of Polish Art Photographers, New York Institute of Photography, Warsaw School of Photography and Luksfera Gallery. She members the graduates club at the Association of Polish Art Photographers. Gonia Zduńczyk has merged her interests – photography and Africa - into a series of photographic projects and implementation of development aid projects in East African countries.

The exhibition will take place on 29th September 2010 at 7 pm in the Gallery located near the Association of Polish Art Photographers in Warsaw, Plac Zamkowy 8. The photographs will be shown there between 30th September and do 22nd October 2010.

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