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Lake Baringo is located on the north-western part of Kenya, between Nakuru and Lodwar. This is the second well known lake located in the North Rift Valley region (besides Lake Turkana). Anyone who loves Kenya could read about this exciting part of Kenya – still undiscovered by many – in the Standard (published by Charles Otieno on 05/03/2009). On the basis of this article we would like to present the place in a few words.

If you want to get to Baringo from Nairobi, you have to travel north-west towards Naivasha, onwards to Nakuru, on the way you pass marvelous wide spaces, inhabited by zebras, monkeys and baboons. It is said that animals and people used to live here in coherence.

In the neighborhood you will come across Kabarak – the place, where former president of Kenya, Daniel Arap Moi lives and lovely rocky landscapes from Mogotio up to Tugen Hills. After three hours of travel from Nairobi, you will reach Lake Baringo. There are some nice accommodations with air-conditioning and other typical tourist facilities for guests.

The lake itself is breathtaking especially in the mornings, with the sun rising over the hills which surround the lake. In the middle of the lake, there are seven beautiful islands, rising high above the water. These islands are inhabited by the Njemps – people who are believed to have Maasai and Samburu roots. The Njemps are said to be the 43rd tribe of Kenya. This is very interesting for us Kenya lovers, since we “always” knew for a fact that the Kenyan ethnical diversity consists of 42 tribes. Despite their ancestral backgrounds the Njemps are fishermen.

Boats can be rented to see geysers and hot springs. The boats themselves are made from the trees which grow on the shores of Lake Baringo. It is said that there are 200 different tree species that can be used for medical purposes. Be careful though, when sailing these waters – Lake Baringo is the home of wildlife species, including hippos and crocodiles! Ornithologists will enjoy the riches of the 450 birds species that make their home in this region.

Kenya is full of such places, which are undiscovered by many white tourists. We strongly encourage you to discover them and commune with the country’s forgotten beauty.

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