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During this week the Poland- East Africa Economic Foundation (PEAEF) inaugurates its two development projects in Kenya.

The first concerned extension of the „Rise and Shine” Primary School in Nairobi slums Kawangware. The foundation committed itself in implementation of Peter Wakhisi’s vision - a director of the provisional institution. In its result there was prepared a project of school extension as well as sanitary and educational conditions development. The undertaking provides the poor and forgotten children with learning facilities inside rooms which have been well prepared in this purpose. Additionally, another interesting school initiatives were realized, irrespective of the project.

The second project concerned building a dam in Uuni village, located among hills of the same name, in Machakos province. Being aided by a local organization, the foundation built a water tank and a uptake of water. As a result, the local community was assured a permanent, whole year’s access to clear water. At the same time the project became a basis for another initiatives, among others establishing a tree-nursery.

Both described projects have been implemented since May 2008 within the frames of the Polish Aid programme by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We are very glad of Polish help in Kenya and hope that another projects will improve life standards in the country.

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