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Also Kenya was faced by the weather anomalies. As it is reported by the TVN24 channel, in Rift Valley, village named Busara, located 255 kilometres to the North-West from Nairobi, it was the very first time when it snowed!

Due to fact, that the indigenous people knew this occurence only from TV programs, they were merry seeing the white phenomenon. All the schools stopped their lessons, and pupils were fighting with snowballs. Certain ones started to pray, the others tried to... eat snow. The unsuspected "guest" also made small loss' in farming.

The occurence was an output of a collision between an air flowing from Kongo and the one from above the Ocean. We can remind, that in principle the only places, where you can see snow in Kenya, are high peaks of Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya.

Source: TVN24

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