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On behalf of the Kontynent Warszawa portal we invite you on last Sunday of August for a second edition of the Warsaw Multicultural Street Party. The event aims at promoting ethnicity through common cheerful joy. Street Party is an offer for all the Warsaw habitants, whose various descent creates a colourful cultural mosaic, frequently unperceived and underestimated in everyday life. One of the most important values of the undertaking is involvement in its participation of many organizations and institutions destined to promote minority cultures, intending to present its tradition to a wider public.

This year, the Street Party program will be even richer than it was during the event’s first edition, and will include Warsaw minority cultures presentation – through music, dance, handicraft and languages learning. At the area of a multicultural village you wil have opportunity to take part in dance and language workshops, get to know art from various parts of the world, taste ethnic dishes, decorate your body using henna.


The parade, inspired by such events as Rio de Janeiro and Notting Hill carnivals or street fiesta in Spain, will start at the square before the underground Świętokrzyska station. In that place there will be a dance and music show lead by professional dancers, for example: carnival samba (SHO), african dance (Ricky Lion & Bongo Bongo), oriental belly dance. Along Świętokrzyska street there will pass the parade, with decorated platform cars in it, and it will be lead by dancers presenting various dance styles. Everyone, decorated with colourful ethnic clothes, is warmly welcomed. During the event there is planned a contest of the Parade King and Queen, where everyone can present his clothes, and the most interesting ones will be prized!

The Parade will be ended in a Multicultural Village, build at Krakowskie Przedmieście street, located between Świętokrzyska and Królewska street. At Krakowskie Przedmieście scenes and the Summer Academic Scene there will take place perfomance by musicians and dancers. There will be presented a belly dance (egyptic classics with sagatami – ethnic music from Turkey), latinoamerican dances, oriental desert dance with veils, afrocuban dance, vietnamese dance, flamenco, ska (Ska Orchestra), sumo fight presentations, african dance with drums (Ricky Lion & Bongo Bongo), as well as an experimental jazz, inspired by ethnic music (band named Untitled). In the Village there will be also a musical and dance workshops – some of them organized at platforms, and some just at street, in a very sentre of the Village (drum workshops, capoeira, Israel dance – Snunit, meditation exercises - Falun Dafa, traditional chechen dance - lovzar.

In the Village there cannot be lack of art and food presentations, which – placed in various cultural locations – will let you experience a unique trip through all the continents. There will be stands of Asia and Pacific Museum, Ethiopian Art, IPCC – Indo-Polish Culture Committee, Falun Dafa,,, PAH, FICAG, Salsa Factory, Intercultural Information Centre, Szczypta Świata.

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