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Cooperation between Kenyan-Polish Forum and The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

On 20.09.2005 Robert Zdunczyk and Slawek Muturi from KPF met Jurek Owsiak, the President of Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. During the meeting, after interesting discussions, there was decided that on the 14 Finale, 8.01.2005 the Orchestra for the first time will play in Africa. During the Finale in Warsaw there is also planned a concert of Kenyan musicians.

On the meeting there were also representatives of Kenya Broadcasting Corporation - the national Kenyan television. They listened with great interest to Jurek Owsiak's stories about the idea and successes of Orchestra with. Our friends from Kenya agreed that Owsiak is the champion in HARAMBEE - the old Kenyan tradition of collecting money for charity.

More about common plans of KPF and Orchestra - soon.

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