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Our Kenyan e-library Karibook enlarged with a valuable item. Our friend, Patrycja Zandberg, made accessible her photocopy of the Rosa Mistika book, by Euphrase Kezilahabi.

This is a first work of the writer in our collection and it is worth mentioning, that Kezilahabi is considered as one of the best swahili writers. The novel writer - born in 1944 - is appreciated mostly because of his refined style, which is flowing from literal into metaphorical meanings (for example: flames of bonfire inflamed his heart). Currently Kezilahabi works in the Department of African Languages at the University of Botswana.

Rosa Mistika is a story on a young girl, who looses her way affected by mistakes of youth. We recommend this book to all the advanced in learning Swahili, who want to improve their Swahili using books of the classics of literature. Interesting is that the Simba Friends Foundation is going to use the photocopy owned by Patrycja Zandberg to use it in Tanzanian schools in Moshi. The children living there have no opportunity for commoning with classics of the Swahili literature, while we intend to change this status.

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