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Kenyan-Polish Forum helped the well known journalist of the National TV, Brian Scott, in elaboration of his newest programme on Kenya. On the basis of unrests, which took place in Kenya at the beginning of this year, we pose questions concerning reasons of these happenings, possibilities for coexistence of certain tribes in Kenya, as well as future for the Kenyan country.

In the programme we asked for his opinion the best journalist writing Africa, Mr. Wojciech Jagielski. He described development of democracy in Kenya ans shared with his remarks on current situation in the country.

Wojciech Jasiński, the outstanding expert on Kenya, former ambassador of Poland in Nairobi, spoke about his observations made in Kenya in a very colourful description. He also shared with his opinions on the attitude that Europe should assume towards Africa.

We did not hesitate to organize talks also with Kenyans. The citizens of the harambee country, currently living in Poland, who represent as well the as Luo – two main quarrelled tribes, spoked about their impressions and remarks.

What do they say precisely, how do they see today and tomorrow for their beloved motherland? You will find out, watching th programme Etniczne Klimaty. Scheduled broadcasting date: Saturday, 26 April, in the late morning. As we will know all details, we will present them on our website.

We would like to thank the Library on Koszykowa Str. - the oldest library in Warsaw - for making accessible its space in purpose of elaboration the programme and very helpful attitude towards our undertaking.

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