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Since 8th March in the Africapoint Gallery you can watch a new cycle named LIGHT AND BRILLIANCE. Its author, the well known Africa photographer Gonia Zduńczyk, presents light and colours of the Black Land. You can also expect new exhibitions of an African handicraft - this time the gallery presents a collection of African lamps and mirrors.

The period lamps were made of calabash decorated with simple motives and coloured with shades of bronze, yellow and red. They are crowned with original lampshades made of coconut fibre create a warm romantic light, which 'gives warm' to all the flat.

The presented mirrors were framed in leather and wood. Due to characteristic African adornments and sculpted in wood geometric and animal motives can be a unique home decoration.

Besides: the newest collections of jewellery, leather assortment, elements of inside provision as well as aromatic African coffee.

Warszawa, Rozbrat Str. 34/36
Access by bus: 108, 155, 162, 171 (bus stop named 'Śniegockiej')

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