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Mr. Cezary Jankowski recently travelled to Kenya and Tanzania. Because many Polish tourists are interested in current situation in Kenya, we asked Mr. Jankowski on his own impressions. Here is what he told us:

In principle I had impression, that all the people are friendly, smiling and very helpful. It concerns tourist service, drivers as well as ordinary people met there.

Calm is everywhere, the people have big respect for police. Many controls on road tolls make all the people slow down and wait for permission to pass. Neither I have felt any dislike to the white people nor I have seen any fights or quarrels between the indiginous ones.

At the Nairobi Airport I was advised not to walk around the city alone after dusk. There is a possibility of spending night in a little hotel located in the international area of the airport, before the passport control. Obviously you must firstly take back your luggage and come back to the international area.

On the daytime it is safe to stay in tourist regions and there are no problems affecting tourists. In opposition to the Middle East, Israel, in Kenya no security agents are visible anywhere and the character is very nice this way.

We would like to thank for this opinion and we ask all the tourists, who come back from Kenya to present their relations and impressions. Your interesting stories will be presented on our website!

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