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The Kenyan- Polish Forum took part in the Global Education Week, when we were partners for, Education Association for Małopolska (MTO), as well as the Simba Friends Foundation. The main idea of the programme is to educate youth on global problems, to promote tolerance and international cooperation.

Our project in Nowy Sącz was called "Tractor for Africa", and it aimed at promoting knowledge about Kenya as well as gathering money for purchase of tractor for Sega village. Educational part have started on 16th November by the debate organized in the City Hall. Discussion about the development aid, and Polish projects in Africa has attracted students to participate in workshops which were given at schools for the whole week. It was confusing that besides good access to books and Internet, the youngsters have so poor knowledge about the economical state of African countries in comparison with Poland. That is why we find it so important to educate them that Poland actually is not a good example of an underdeveloped country. It was a main purpose of our films, photo exhibitions and oral presentations.

We have closed the project on Saturday by the concert of an African band named Children of Drums, which played at the city Old Square. Thanks to help of MTO and citizens of Nowy Sącz we can add another 2511,61 PLN to our "tractor budget"!

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