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Kenyans succeeded in 27th Warsaw Marathon.

On Sunday 18.09.2005, the finale of the Warsaw Running Festival took place. Its main part was a marathon that led through the main, old streets of Warsaw. For the first time since the Marathon had begun 27 years ago two runners from Kenya participated in the race. The weather was helpful for organizators and runners. Beautiful autumn sun gave its colours to the day and cool air was refreshing the runners. The finish line was full of black, red and green colours because KPF members gave to funs lots of Kenyan flags.

From the beginning there was formed a leading group with Polish and two Kenyan sportsman: Grzegorz Gajdus, Richard Rotich and Reuben Toroitich. Kenyans and friends of Kenyan-Polish Forum were cheering - we were sure that one of "ours" will win. Eventually the winner was Grzegorz Gajdus, then - Richard Rotich and a few minutes later Reuben Toroitich reached the finish line. The winner has beaten a record with the result of 2:14:50.

Our joy was endless! The result of Kenyan runners is a great advertisement for Kenya and it will help all of us in better understanding and getting a wider knowledge about Kenya.

Next year it will be even better.

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