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I have honour to invite all the daredevils to take part in our drum tournament, which will take place during the Afroenthusiasts Festival (Recall, what the festival it is). Everyone, who is not a professional drum player can try his luck at a competition where experience is not important, but passion and enthusiasm.

I inform all the ones who have not been already convinced by the idea of a competition, that you fight for a main prize which is… a djembe drum.

What a daredevil is to do to pick up our gauntlet?

  1. Fill in the application form on-line or as a paper document which is available in our office, Motto Cafe or in Dobra Karma. List of participants will be closed on 14 September 2007 at 4 p.m.
  2. Pay the registration fee: until 14th September : 10 PLN, after 14th: PLN, on the day of the festival beginning: 20 PLN.
  3. See our code of practice

Rules of competition:

1. The tournament is based on competition between soloists and it aims at choosing only one winner. In the first round from four (4) competing soloist two (2) are going to be chosen. In the second round from the two (2) competing soloist one (1) is going to be chosen to the final round. From the final group of participants one is going to be chosen for a winner.

2. Tournament will be held by professional musicians:
a.) Kuba Pogorzelski.
b.) Michał Stasiuk.
c.) Przemysław Kalinka.

The musicians will provide soloist with rhythms during every competition rounds and together with the winner will perform in the final concert. Finally they will also hand over the price.

We invite you to take part in our tournament!

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