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I have pleasure to inform you, that Kenyan- Polish Forum got into the pages of the book Żabeł Trojański by Jan Siwmir!

This is a first book in Poland that touches a new social issue – Polish people moving to work abroad, mostly in Great Britain. The main character of the novel, Żabeł – a man named this way by his wife (a play on Polish words: żaba = ‘frog’, diabeł = ‘devil’) – was asked for help in an investigation on mysterious disappearances of Poles working in Great Britain. As not to arouse suspicions he moved there as a simple worker in Wales, intending this way to solve the riddle…

The character had many opportunities to acquaint himself with all the problems touching Polish workers behind the La Manche Channel – missing home, searching relief in alcohol, bureaucracy in offices, deceitful labour agency…

Żabeł Trojański is an obligatory book for all the ones intending to start working abroad. It’s light language and funny feature will let you become absorbed in adventures of Żabeł, and the author applied many allusions to differences between the habits, likes and dislikes of Polish and British people, which often ends in funny situations. Do you know, the British, as they are pushing a carry in supermarket and come up against other caries standing in they way do not used to say excuse me, looking for a different way through a different passage, although if they even would go until the end of a shop?

It is worth mentioning, that in this book often appear vulgar words. It happens so because its author exerted himself to present all the case in a very realistic way. Surely a labour man working on the production line does not always use decent words... Nevertheless, it is worth to call attention of parents on their young readers.

If you are interested in purchasing the book either in shops or directly at author’s – contacting with him by e-mail ( or by his macabre website… (

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