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Next Saturday, 30th June in Bielsko-Biała, there will be organized the "Culture of Rhytm" Festival. This will be a first edition of an event which is suppose to have a cyclic character. An idea of the organizers was to create an event, which will take place hole day in the city centre and it's final part - lasting many hours - will take place on renovated Old Market Place.

For one day the city centre will become a scene of several cultural events - mostly musical, but also others. Besides concerts there will be many happenings, exhibitions and workshops for all the persons who will come.

The festival starts at 1 pm on Wojska Polskiego Place, and it's formula includes many cultural accents from hole world. There will be also african elements, due to help of Kenyan-Polish Forum! At 2 h 30 pm the hole action will be concentrated on Old Market Place, which will become the main area of the festival. It's there, where at 3 pm there will be an African hour and at 6 h 30 the Polish and African musicians will perform together, creating an unforgettable style...

The organizer of the event is Beskidzka Inicjatywa Lokalna (BIL), which turned out to be real enthusiastic towards Africa! We may disclose now, that Kenyan-Polish Forum and BIL intend to organize together an event in Bielsko-Biała on late autumn. This time it will be a real African event...

The "Culture of Rhytm"
Bielsko-Biała, 30th June 2007

1 pm March-past from Wojska Polskiego Place to Chrobrego Pl.
1:30 Musical happening on Chrobrego Pl.
2:30 Main event on Old Market Place

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