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Kenyan Polish Forum and Simba Friends Foundation wish to help community in Sega (Kenya) by gifts collected in Polish cities, and posted overseas in a huge container.

Our team will travel to Sega in mid July 2007, and will take responsibility for share of collected items. Due to the weight of material in such container, we cannot transport them in bag packs. However, it is worth, and easy to help by share of the things we have!

If you want to join us just use your imagination, look around in your house and find some of the items we are collecting. Then, post or bring them to our office at Górczewska 124/ 305 in Warsaw. In a case of troubles do not hesitate to contact us via mail of a phone.


  1. Books in English.
  2. Maps, scientific posters, globes, devices for math, chemistry, biology classes etc.
  3. Pupils devices: bags, exercise books, pens & pencils, pencil cases etc.
  4. Teachers’ devices: notebooks, agendas, chalk.
  5. Materials for nursery: play blocks, colored pencils, games, paints.
  6. Sport devices: balls, nets for goals, hula-hoop, whistles, bats etc.
  7. Technique devices: pumps for bicycles, watering cans etc.
  8. Clothes (notice, we do not collect very old, and broken clothes).
  9. Toys.
  10. Music instruments: guitars (also old, electic guitar), drums, cymbals, rattle as well as small radios, small hi-fi.
  11. Medical devices: bandages, plasters, oxygen water.
We wait for you to add something to the gifts-full container!

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