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Włoszczowa, May 28th

We continue our action of collecting money with intention to purchase tractors for Kenyan agriculture. After having been in Nowy Sącz, we will visit Włoszczowa on 28th May. With pleasure we present a schedule of our next event and invite you to take part in it!


8.50 – 12.35 „Day of Kenya”

  • Interactive workshops in Zespół Placówek Oświatowych nr 1 in Włoszczowa (str. Partyzantów 24) and the collect of money for the tractor
  • multimedia presentations, global education
  • discussions on problems of Africa, Millenium Development Goals, Simba Friends Foundation activities.

12.45- 13.30

  • Meeting with students, teachers, competitions, discussion on Africa

16.00 – 18.00 „Tractor for Kenya”
  • The drive of tractor all around the marketplace, encouraging the habitants to take part in event.
  • The concert of african music band at the school place of ZPO nr 1, str. Partyzantów 24
  • Meeting with the habitants of Włoszczowa, the end of the lottery

20.00 – 22.00
African films projections in Muza cinema

Our partners:
a) Zespół placówek Oświatowych nr 1 in Włoszczowa;
b) Włoszczowa city and commune office;
c) Dom Kultury Włoszczowa.

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