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On Easter Monday, April 9th, at 4 : 05 pm the first channel of Polish National Television will present a program named Wild Kids (Łowcy Przygód) which was elaborated with the help of Kenyan-Polish Forum and Polish Embassy in Kenya.

From the 11th till 19th of January 2007 KPF was assisting the TV crew making a program for children named “Łowcy Przygód”, which will be presented on first channel of Polish National TV.

The “Łowcy Przygód” is a Polish edition of the popular Swedish children’s "Wild Kids" and was elaborated on order of TVP1 by the company Mastiff Media Polska and TV Productions Agency.

”This program is the gratification of childrens’ dreams on travels, adventures, world exploration and treasure-troves”. The TV crew presents emotions, impressions and experiences of the young heroes, their Victories and defeats as well as their reactions on unexpectected situations and their new friends. It guarantees emotions not only to the participants, but also to all the televiewers. The program also represents various educational values. Under the care of „Running Wolf” and the psychologist, the youngsters unriddle and learn how to behave with the exotic wild animals. More information is available on the website

The travel to Kenya was a main award for winning “Team of Lions”. The KPF worker, Kamila Kadzidlowska, was invited to assist the crew and provide the knowledge on some cultural and linguistic issues.

They participants spent some days on safari in the Tsavo National Park and Amboseli National Park, visiting a Maasai village, Mzima Springs with it’s crocodiles and hippos and the Kilimanjaro Mountain. Thanks to the engagement of the Polish Consul, Reshadi Noor, they could also take part in a lesson together with the Kenyan children in the Serani School in Mombasa.

The “Team of Lions” is very content about whole trip and, quoting the 12 years old Olga “surprised about the variety of Kenyan landscapes, cultures and ways of living”. They are thinking about returning to Kenya one more.

We encourage all the televiewers to see the program! We believe that this program is another step in promoting the Kenya’s cultural and environmental richness in Poland.

We would like to thank HE Polish Ambassador in Nairobi, Mr. Wojciech Jasiński, who hosted us and assisted with his help on the airport.

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