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Since it is the time of filling the annual personal revenue information we would like to remind so that the Kenyan-Polish Forum is a public benefis organization. Every one of us – taxpayers, has the possibility of donating 1% of their tax to such an organization.

We do hope you will support our efforts and work of drawing Kenya and Poland closer together in this way, enabling us to do more in 2007. Our plans and programs have been requiring and will require substantive financial support and therefore we appreciate any donations. By donating 1% of your tax you are helping to connect Poland to other cultures and to fight xenophobia.

Instead of paying the Revenue Office you can support the Kenyan-Polish Forum. How to do it?

Step 1 Write down the organization’s information required to donate:

The full name: "The Kenyan-Polish Forum"
address and account number:
Górczewska 124/305
01-460 Warszawa
Account number:
Nordea Bank Polska SA 38 1440 1299 0000 0000 0383 0209 SWIFT: NDEAPLP2

Step 2 Fill out your PIT

Step 3 Calculate 1% of your taxes

Calculate how much is 1% of due taxes and write this Mount into the correct space on the PIT form (36 or 37). There is a table entitled “The Mount of deduction on the account of the donation to an organization of public benefit” In the part entitled „Tax calculations” – on the basis of the article 27d".

• in PIT-36 it is the space nr 179
• in PIT-37 it is the space nr 111

Step 4 Deduct 1% from your taxes

Take the amount calculated previously off the tax which you are supposed to pay. Remember, that amount of the payment for the public benefit organization can be grater than the 1% of your tax but you can only deduct 1% of your the due tax.

Step 5 Carefully fill out the payment document

The payment document Has to include the following information:

• name, surname, and address of the payer
• the amount
• the name of the organization for which the donation is being made, and its account number, with the title of the payment for example „donation for a public benefits organization”.

Step 6 Transfer the calculated Mount to the chosen organization’s bank account

Transfer the calculated Mount to the chosen organization’s bank account before the deadline – which means befor 30 April 2007. You can do this either in a bank or a pos office.

Step 7 Keep the receipt

You might need it for the Revenue Office control.

Step 8 Wait for the return of 1% of the tax

The Revenue Office will give you back the 1% of the tax. Remember that this is only in the case of overpayment. In all other cases the due tax will be reduced by up to 1% of due taxes directed to the public benefit organizations.

Do note that – the Date of the payment (of transfer) 1% of the tax transferred to the public benefit organizations has to be done before sending your PIT form to your Revenue Office. At least one day earlier.

Even if you have already sent your PIT you can still donate that 1% of your taxes by filling out the form once again writing “Correction” on it and marking point 2 in table 8 in part A - "Correction of the statement".

It is possible to make payments before the end of the year, approximately calculatin the amount of the 1% of the due tax.

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