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Kenyan- Polish Forum in cooperation with Ochota Cultural Centre and Jadłodajnia Filozoficzna Club have pleasure to invite you for Kenyan Night on Thursday, February 15th. The event will take place in Jadłodajnia Filozoficzna, on Dobra Str. 33/35, at 7 pm.

The event constitutes a stage of whole cycle of ethnic nights organized in Jadłodajnia Filozoficzna. For now, there have been organized the following nights: Tibethian, Azerbaijan’s, Indonesian, Armenian, Indian, Ethiopian, Mexican, Iranian and Georgian Night.

The Kenyan Night will consist of the following parts:

  1. Presentation of Ryszard Czajkowski, who will talk over 4 of 40 ethnic groups living in Kenya
  2. Presentation of Barbara Meder
  3. Story of Tomasz Sowa and Tomasz Meka on reaching the pick of Mount Kenya and canoeing down the Nile
  4. Musical show by Mamadou & Pako
  5. Presentation of paintings of Joanna Sułek-Malinowska, which were inspirated by Kenya and Masais
  6. Dance to music played by DJ Œwistak. Thanks to Jacek Borecki, there will be an opportunity of listening to modern Kenyan music, which remains undiscovered in Poland

Because February 15th is Shrove Thursday, all the guests will have possibility to taste Kenyan delicacy – cookies called mandazi.

Kenyan Night in Jadłodajnia Filozoficzna
February, 15th
7h p.m.
Free admission

Kenyan- Polish Forum
Ochota Cultural Centre
Jadłodajnia Filozoficzna
Banacha Halls

Medial Partners:
Radio Jazz
Poznaj Œwiat

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