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We have a pleasure to inform about finalization of the third stage of our project – production of info-educational materials about the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and placing a website “Heart of Africa” (Serce Afryki) on the server. Within the scope of the project “Closer to Kenya” Kenyan-Polish Forum, together with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), undertook production of leaflets and CDs with basic information about the MDGs.

The reason for realization of this undertaking is lack of knowledge in Polish society about the MDGs what – taking into consideration Polish liabilities resulting from signing the Millennium Declaration – has to be immediately corrected. Leaflets and CDs should help teachers in carrying on lessons for Polish secondary school students and institutions interested in spreading knowledge about the MDGs. We invite you to learn about its content on the websites: and At the same time we would like to encourage all to visit a website called by us the “Heart of Africa”,, which is devoted to Polish-African relations and news from realization of “Closer to Kenya” project. We will gradually update website with academic publications on Africa and projects with educational emphasis on development. It will also serve as a platform for exchange of information about Polish-Kenyan projects and allow you to find partners for cooperation. KARIBU SANA! Project was co-financed by the Education for Democracy Foundation within the development aid program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland in 2006.
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